Here at Little Linguist Learners we have thought of everything (even if we do say so ourselves).  We can help provide emergency childcare, babysitters, nannies, teachers, and cleaners


Due to last summer’s success of our Multilanguage summer school (casal) in Poblenou, we have decided to offer our language Casals over all holiday periods. Give us a call or drop us a line to find out more information.

We offer emergency and regular babysitters, as well as full and part time nannies in your preferred language. First of all we will send you appropriate CV´s for you to choose as well as providing you with references. We will then arrange the interview process for you from beginning to end.


We realise how hard it can be to pick your child up from school if you are working. We are here to make things easier for you and your family.

We will collect your child/ren from school take them home and warm up a meal that has been pre prepared by you. We will then play or study with your child/ren in your preferred language before taking them back to school.

Some of us here at “LLL” are also busy working parents so we completely understand how hard it is to juggle everything at once. If you would also like to learn a new language or just practise with a Native Speaker then we can meet you either at your home, office or even a venue while you wait for your little ones at their afterschool activities.


    Barcelona really is a “multicultural melting pot” and if you are keen for your child to improve in a particular language or just play with other children using his/her mother tongue then look no further.

    We offer private “one on one” classes as well as playgroups and sensory based play for children from as young as one.

    Little Linguist Learners offers your child the opportunity each week to learn and play in the language of your choice. Each class lasts an hour and will cover a different theme each week from shapes to seasons. The children will practise conversational language skills (depending on the age) through the use of puppets, songs, dance, games, role play and arts and crafts.

    We look forward to saying Bonjour, Ciao, Hello, Hola, Guten Tag  and many more…

    If you are looking for a teacher to help improve your childs language, or learn a new one then we can arrange for a teacher of your choice to come to your home and spend time with your child. You can decide if you would like your child to have a formal lesson or if you would like it to be more play based.



      If you are looking for some extra help around the house then we also provide cleaners that have been either recommended or used by one of the team here. Each cleaner is used to working in and around busy family schedules.

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